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hello!!! do you want free shit!! i know i sure like getting free stuff so im pretty sure you do too and therefore you’ll like what im saying next

basically for my birthday im getting another 3ds… but i already have one, so im going to give away my current one because i have really bad luck with selling things. but thats not all!!! i also have a psp that i literally have not used since like 2012 and a shit ton of 3ds and psp games ive beaten and have no use for!!! so im giving all those away too!!

the stuff im giving away is: a 3ds (including power chord), psp (including power chord), pokemon y (not pictured), fire emblem 13, kirby triple deluxe, ocarina of time 3d, bravely default, harvest moon: a tale of two towns, devil survivor overclocked, zero escape: virtues last reward, and mario kart 7, final fantasy: dissidia, and final fantasy: crisis core (not pictured)!

one person will get 3ds + 5 games, another person will get a psp + 2 games, and another person will get the remaining 3ds games!

here are the rules!!!!

  1. if someone doesnt claim their prize or there are leftover games, ill hold another giveaway for those prizes or games!! please do not take games you dont have the system for or dont want because thats… a waste…….. id really like for these games to go to someone who wants to play them!
  2. you dont have to be following me but i may throw in something Cool and Mysterious if you are…
  3. i can ship internationally but i do not have a job nor lots of money so if you live far away it may take a while to get to you!! 
  4. both reblogs and likes count
  5. the giveaway ends on august 21st aka my birthday at 3pm est!!
  6. the games do not come with instruction manuals or cases!!!
  7. my 3ds and all the games are region-locked for north america!! what this means basically is that you will not be able to play 3ds games from europe on my 3ds, and my 3ds games will not work on a european 3ds, etc. im very sorry about this but theres nothing i can do about it. psp games are region free!

ok thats it send me an ask if you have any questions!!! have a nice day!!!